Music Lessons

At Morehall Primary, we seek to nurture the musical talents of every child!

We have whole class violin lessons taking place for every child in Year 5, as well as whole class ukulele lessons in Year 4.

We also have a well established school choir, who have performed at events across Folkestone - including as part of "BBC World Music Day", featuring live on BBC Radio Kent and even featuring as part of a montage on The One Show. Morehall choir also takes part in the annual Young Voices Concert at the O2 arena in London.

In addition to this, we offer the opportunity to take part in instrumental music lessons through our links with Rock Steady Music School, Kent Music School and Make Time for Music.

We also help families to access funding and music bursaries, to help with the cost of individual music lessons, so that no child is left out - please contact the office for more information.

Rocksteady Music School

Make Time for Music

Kent Music School

Financial Assistance