Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our carefully researched, subject based curriculum ensures that everything we teach is sequenced appropriately to inspire and enthuse children to develop understanding and skill, stimulating a love of learning for all.

We teach pupils to be aware of each subject they learn and its unique identity. Our ultimate goal is to nurture the talents of every child, developing culturally literate pupils who love to learn and are curious about the world around them, through teaching a range of exciting and creative lessons.

Details of the programmes used to support our curriculum can be found in the subject specific information below.


Children and young people are growing up in an increasingly complex world, spending as much time online as they are offline. As well as offering many positive experiences, this can also present challenges and risks. It is therefore our duty of care here at Morehall to ensure that we are safeguarding our pupils by giving them the appropriate Personal, Social Health and Economic education. Our children are exposed to the teaching of PSHE in classes weekly, as well as through opportunities in assemblies. Within our PSHE curriculum, children are also taught Sex and Relationships Education which can be explored in more depth below.


We primarily teach maths using materials from White Rose Maths, where pupils' study transfers from the concrete to the abstract and units are carefully sequenced. Our aim is to embed pupils' fluency of mathematical concepts, whilst deepening their understanding through rich reasoning tasks and opportunities for problem solving.

In addition, we use Rolling Numbers and Times Tables Rock Stars to support the children in learning their times tables.

TT Rockstars Website



The teaching of reading begins in Reception when children are introduced to phonics. We follow a programme of synthetic phonics with Read Write Inc., which takes the learner incrementally through phases into full proficiency as confident readers.

Our teaching of reading ensures that comprehension develops at the same rate as decoding of print.

Read Write Inc website

At the same time as the teaching of reading skills, we are determined that a love of reading and of good literature is taught to the children, promoting a life-long love of reading for enjoyment and as a source of information and knowledge.

Our wonderful School library is loved by all children at Morehall, and is regularly updated with new books as suggested by the children themselves. All children are able to take home a library book, a school reading book and a reading book specifically matched to their reading age - ensuring that each and every child has the opportunity to discover a book that is exciting and engaging for them.

Take a look at the literature pupils are exposed to in their guided reading lessons throughout their time at Morehall, with each child receiving their own copy of the class text, as opposed to just one teacher copy:


We encourage writing across the curriculum, to accommodate the interests of all pupils. In discrete English lessons, our teachers use quality literature as a stimuli for writing, embedding pupils understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar along the way.


History is organised chronologically and aims to broaden children’s awareness and understanding of the past.

In Reception, pupils are introduced to History by learning about the past through stories and direct instruction, which they can explore through imaginative play. The history element of ‘Understanding the World’ in Reception will teach pupils about important events in their own lives and the lives of others. The curriculum provides opportunities to hear rich and varied vocabulary in context, which places vital emphasis on developing oracy skills, equipping our pupils with the tools they need to articulate their thoughts and express themselves.

Our history curriculum across key stage one and two is divided in to two parts: Ancient History and British Modern History. We use high quality texts to provide our pupils with rich historical content and through carefully structured lessons, offer cross-curricular opportunities with geography, drama, art and DT.

Take a look at the overview below to explore the units children study throughout their time at Morehall.


Geography focuses on the physical and human features of the planet we live on. We focus on the concept of place, learning how to recognise and describe the Earth, we pay close attention to our home, the United Kingdom, and develop an in-depth understanding of world geography.

Geography in the Early Years comes under the umbrella of ‘Understanding the World’. Our location in Folkestone means we are perfectly positioned to learn about Europe and the rest of the world. Pupils will explore the characteristics of land and sea and will begin to locate some continents and oceans of the world.

Across key stage one and two, we frequently use case study questions to allow pupils the opportunity to explore geographical concepts and areas in more depth. For example, ‘The Amazon Rainforest is under threat. Why does this matter?’

Take a look at the overview below to explore our curriculum coverage for Geography:

Art & DT

At Morehall, pupils are given the opportunity to analyse and appreciate artists from around the world and from different periods in time. They explore different artistic skills and techniques using a range of media. We encourage our pupils to respond freely to the artists they study, developing creativity and the understanding that art comes in many forms.

In design and technology lessons, pupils are given time to generate and investigate ideas, before designing and creating their own structures or models.

Take a look at the overview below to explore our curriculum coverage for Art:

Religious Education and Citizenship

We strive to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We teach the children to ask questions, whilst providing them with knowledge and understanding. We explore the main tenets of world faiths, in order to support children in developing their own values and principles.

An overview of the units we cover can be found below.

Citizenship is taught throughout the school’s operation, as part of our community emphasis and through history. It is also found in the conduct we expect and our school rules, where the modern British value of 'toleration' is exercised through acts of respect for one another and our immediate environment.


Our aim is to teach scientific knowledge and concepts so that children can understand how science works in everyday life. Using the ‘Empiribox’ Science programme, our pupils are exposed to exciting practical work and investigations every week to bring their Science learning to life!

Here is an overview of the units we cover:


Computing draws together the strands of computer science, information technology and digital literacy, and seeks to equip children with computational thinking skills and the creativity they need to understand and change the World. Children learn the fundamental principles and processes of computation; they gain practical experience of writing code to solve problems and to model systems; they become skilled at creating high quality content using digital tools; and become safe, responsible and critical users of technology.

Our pupil rationale for Computing:

In Computing, we learn about how technology works and how to use it safely.

Words we use in computing

  • algorithm

  • program

  • debug

  • sequence

  • data

  • software

  • network

  • online safety

PE and Sport

An emphasis on participation, learning key sports skills while understanding the specific rules of major sports, and a healthily competitive attitude combine to make sport an important feature of Morehall Primary, both within the school day and after school.

We provide children with a range of sporting opportunities at lunchtime and afterschool, to promote wellbeing and healthy and active lifestyles. These activities include golf, football, netball, cricket, basketball, dance, yoga, speed stacking, dodgeball and badminton.

We provide all children with the opportunity to participate in internal house competitions and external competitions such as The Herald Cup, District Sports and Folkestone Rugby Club tag rugby competitions. We are closely linked with Shepway Sports and attend termly local competitions, nurturing the sporting talents of all our children through competitive sporting opportunities.


Music is an integral part of Morehall Primary. The teaching of music takes place in all classes weekly, as well as opportunities to sing together in our weekly whole-school singing assembly and as part of our school choir. Children learn the basics in Music theory, as well as practical applications via our extensively resourced music room.

In Key Stage 2 every child takes part in whole class Ukulele lessons and whole class Violin lessons, with opportunities available to continue these lessons on a smaller group or individual basis.

Morehall Primary also offers individual or small group instrumental and vocal lessons through our partnership with Kent Music School, Make Time for Music and Rocksteady Music School. Grants and bursaries are also available to assist families with the cost of these lessons.

Rocksteady Music School

Make Time for Music

Kent Music School

Financial Assistance


In an increasing globalised world, learning a modern foreign language equips our children with the skills to make connections with different people and cultures. Knowledge of a modern foreign language develops a confidence in pupils which equips them with the communication skills needed in Europe and a global marketplace.

We use "Language Angels" as a basis to deliver French lessons to our pupils, covering listening, reading and writing skills through interactive and engaging activities.