Specialist Resource Provision

Specialist Resource Provision for Pupils with a Vision Impairment.

Morehall Primary has a specialist resource provision (SRP) providing support for Children with a Vision Impairment (VI), run by our fantastic SENDCo, Mrs Palmer, who is also a Qualified Teacher of Children and Young People with Vision Impairment (QTVI).

The resource provision is an integral part of our school which contains all the resources, technology and specialist equipment to enable our team of VI Teaching Assistants to adapt and provide resources for the children they support. The level of adaptation can depend on whether the resources are required in large print or in a tactile version such as Braille.

We are members of the RNIB lending library and Clear Vision books based at Linden Lodge School in Wimbledon, we use these resources to regularly stock our school library with fiction and non-fiction books.

For those children that need to learn Braille, we have Perkins Braillers, but we also have adaptive software on designated laptops which read text. Recently one of our pupils was allocated a BrailleSense (Electronic Brailler), these are for those children who are becoming proficient braillists.

Other technology available includes handheld magnifiers as well as portable CCTV devices which can be used in the classroom and enable accessibility for children alongside their peers. Children who require Mobility tuition, including the use of a long cane, are supported by Kent Association for the Blind who visit on a regular basis.

Morehall Primary encourages positive inclusion of children with VI in all aspects of School life, both Morehall Primary and schools in the surrounding area benefit from our Specialist Resource Provision on site. Our children with VI routinely take part in school productions, become members of the School Council and join school trips to various places including residential trips. Our children with VI are fully included and make many friends amongst their sighted peers.

Children are admitted to the SRP at the request of the Local Authority, in consultation with the Principal, the parents, the Sensory Impaired Service and any other agencies involved with the children.

We currently have spaces for up to 3 children in the SRP. Parents of children with VI are welcome to contact the school for more details, and speak to our SENDCo Mrs Palmer.

Visits to the School and SRP are actively encouraged and warmly welcomed.