Ethos, Values & Qualities

Character of the School:

Morehall is a school at the heart of our community; we educate future generations to strive to be the very best that they can be, for themselves and the world around them. 

We nurture the talents of each and every child, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to become confident, happy and successful.

Turner's commitment to our pupils, families and schools:

Working effectively in socially and economically challenging areas and having an unflinching focus on improving outcomes for the pupils we serve.

Working transparently and closely with families as joint partners, providing support so that our children are successful.

Expecting our academies to contribute strongly to their communities and society in general. Creating young citizens who can increasingly change society, including their community, for the better.

Pastoral Care:

All members of Morehall staff take a positive and proactive approach to the care of children, and in return we expect the highest standards in behaviour, participation and attendance. 

We ensure that parents know how crucial these factors are to academic success, and work in partnership with other agencies to give parents the support they need.


Children have the best chance for success in education and in life by attending school regularly and on time so as not to miss any learning. We expect full attendance by all pupils therefore, and will undertake intervention should a child’s attendance fall below 97%.



At Morehall we expect the highest standards of behaviour. Our behaviour code is applied in every lesson and day-to-day through our school rules. Children are respectful and caring towards everyone in our school community, as our behaviour embodies the ethos of Morehall Primary, shaping how we learn, how we interact with each other, and how we conduct ourselves.

We use non-verbal cues to direct conduct in a positive manner that does not interfere with learning. Your children should be able to show you our ‘team stop signal’, ‘my turn-your turn’ and the ‘talk to your partner’ signs.